Thursday, 22 October 2009

unexpected sorry from me...

dear bestie,

if i do wrong, change me. if u do make a false steps i'll hope i can make everything fine for u.
i know u're mad at me. but...
its the way A FRIEND act.

dear mate,

if god give me a day just to be friend with u
for god sake...every single second u'll be happy with me.
like makcik grg pisang doooo....

dear Q,
just let everything fade away just like the wind,
im trully blessed because i once had a friend like my bestie and u.
dont ever make our friendship last with a bad memories.

dear Q,
im wrong
im guilty
i just dont know what to say,
if tears is the cure for the medicine of friendship
i will give every drop of my tears to both of u.

i didnt done anything wrong... as a matter of facts
this is what friendship do.

we smile
we sad
we needing
we sulk
we cry
we share
we love
we fight
we argue
we did bad
we care
we treat right
we everything in this world....


farnajer said...

nape nie arina ?

arina ahmad said...

ohh farna. aku gile kawan

farnajer said...

oo here 4 u..
hehee...luv u ;))

arina ahmad said...

k..thx. kau baik la. tak sanggup nak lukakan hati kau