Sunday, 29 August 2010

you made me love babies.

my 5months old nephew.

new start.

i think when the sun stop shining. the last person that i want to be with is mr bean. ahaha. he will make me laugh my ass off. until there is no tears falling down from my eyes. he will not getting me down on my knee unless like ‘somebody’. pfft

– arina ahmad =)



The house is completely finished. But I think my parents will buy something to furnish the hall. Let them do all the house work. My siblings are sooooooo mothereffing lazy lion. I did it. I do all the shifting and lifting the stuff inside the house. It was so tiring. But I knew I had loss a kilo of fats in my arse. And now… I just got injuries all over my body. My skin are so painful as if it is burned.

“sometimes I wish I could fix you, take away all of your pain and all of your pain and all of your hate and ignorance; and just give you blue skies in a pill bottle and tell you that is is okay to overdose. Would you be happy then?”


I am not sighing because of the HARDWORK that I’ve done. There is no appreciation there. no. no. I dont need any of it. In my mind… I think of a spa. Yeah. To rejuvenate myself again. Actually im tired.

“ I dare you to rip your heart out everyday and pretend that you dont feel a thing. I dare you to rip your heart out and let it bleed until it is dry and then I dare you to make it beat one more time”


I am weak. I am strong. I am fragile.
Ignorance Is Bliss.
I need hugs.
I need excitement.
I need you love.
Let me breath in you.
For a moment I can tell I got you.
I love you.
You have put a spell over me.
Why do I fell in love with you.
Can you just leave me without hurting me in too deep.

I smile for you. I laugh for you. You are my marijuana that I would addicted with.

Can I see your face?

i’m going to crawl into a hole and die.

if i die tonight! i would smile and fly away from everything and EVERYONE.

p/s: kenapa signals and systems susah sangat nak paham!!!!
never told your problems to anyone;

20% dont care
and the other 80% are glad you have them.