Saturday, 29 May 2010

say No to stress

Angah's wedding.

20th of june. Approximately a month from now onwards. I think my life will be busy as you can see the wedding planner in the tv box. The house is still on renovation. Still cant get my private life to be more 'wow'. no. I feel so mothereffing bored. Now... I have to stay home because the guy from electrical company, idk what the fuck it is... but is should get the electric flow by now. Dont know what to do. I have no license, and my papa bubu adviced me to be patient. For how long??? I cant wait with all this. I can live without money, friends, family and enjoyment.

My baju kurung, 3 set all of 'em. Idk what to wear because too many choice. But still the baju kurung are not completely finish. Hehe. =)

I should make my tumblr in private. Or should I open a private diary on the internet. I am so lazy dumbass to write what's happening in my life. It is not because I dont wanna tell or what but... I just dont know.

There is a quote I can share with myself... 'memang tak dapat lah kalau malas' on other words.. you will not get anything if you are lazy. Im writing is getting lame old and boring.

Btw... my house is soooooooooooo mothereffing hot. With the natural breeze that come inside the house should relief the hot-a-meter of my body. Soon fucker. Byebye phat ass.

bapak kaya

No where to go~...

1. sob sob sob...
2. crying...
3. tisk tiskk iskkk
4. uwaaaa~~

lost? No direction? Compass needle is broken? Need some clue? Advisor?
Everything is under control. You just need some calmness to fix your heart out. ok. Just now angah treat me papparich. Kinda cool that place was. But something came up. That waiter guy was so freak one. Hahaha.. I don't mean to give him a nickname but I did. His name is pappadom. Agaga...

pappadom is the waiter and I am the customer. AKU BUKAN PELANGGAN TETAP DIA!!
ok. the main point here. I came there to enjoy MY supper. To drink some milo dinosour. With the present of my siblings; angah,hani and aiman. Everything was under control AGAIN. Hakhak.

That pappadom guy bring me the meal that I've ordered. Kuey tiaw something idk the exact name.. all I got is melantak appetite. The supper was superb. The kuey tiaw got some prawn and chicken flesh. I just can't imagine the soup is sooooooooooo delicious. Slurppp~

back to the story. When papadom served me `my delicacy`. He was sort of like asking me that; why i've not coming to enjoy the food at papparich for a month. But as for my concern... it is my first time to eat at the resto. And keep asking the same question about three times. And for your information... my blur syndrome have been attacking me since he kept asking me the same freak question. And I kept nodding. Cuz I dont what the hell he was talking about. Funny situation is it? Try to be in my shoes.

In the middle of enjoying the pleasure of the esplanade. papadom came to our table and asked angah. Is it hani, her daughter or sister. Angah answered his question ' oh ni anak saya'.. I was mothereff laughing. Then he kept asking the same question. Angah tried to convince him that hani is her daughter. Wakaka~ so funny. The thing is; angah is so petite and innocent, so papadom wasnt satisfy with the answer given.

Oh not to forget. The combodian worker. So handsome. Hakhak. But I think I tried to approach him as for example.. okey. It was not an example.. it really really happened. Huhuk. I was asking for a new tissue box because the tissue inside the box has finished. I was really confused what to call him so I 'eh eh... tissue'. Thank god the cambodian knew my body language. Agaga.. and after the combodian left us to get a new one, I was thinking that the man was so attractive. Am I not interested in malay gentlemen? It is not okay. This is teenage mind her own ' mental illness' business. I should avoid this kind of activity. In fact yeah he issssss gorgeous. I should change my appetite.

Right now my brain is blunt to tell a story. I should stop here because the environment is noisy and no tranquility.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

as the matter of my life

But HE loves you more than I am

setiap orang akan merasa mati.dah hilang teman baru terkial-kial nak cari. Baru terasa kehilangan dia. Apakah? Don't blame other people bila semua ni dah berlaku. Blame diri sendiri sebab tak pandai jaga hubungan dengan manusia. Yeah, of course. Jap... post kali ni kaitan dengan manusia. So nak relate dengan keagamaan takut salah tafsir. So tak berani nak beri apa-apa santapan nurani kat sini. But I would like to give some quote, something for us to remember;

“kematian adalah nasihat terbaik dan guru kehidupan,
sedikit saja kita lengah dari memikirkan kematian,
maka kita akan kehilangan guru terbaik dalam kehidupan.”

orang islam wajib mengambil berat antara satu sama lain
Dari Huzaifah bin Al-Yamman r.a , katanya : Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda : “ Sesiapa yang tidak mahu mengambil berat akan urusan orang-orang islam , maka dia tidak termasuk dari kalangan mereka , dan sesiapa yang tidak suka menasihat / menegur untuk kerana Allah atau rasulnya atau kitabnya ( mengenai ketaatan kepada Allah dan rasulnya serta panduan al-Quran ) , atau kepada ketua-ketua ( pemimpin-pemimpin islam ) , dan untuk sekalian orang islam , maka dia tidak termasuk dari kalangan mereka”( orang islam )
At Tabrani
ok I just did it. Picisan saje. Hadith sahih yep. Agaga... aikh...
kehilangan sangat menyakitkan lagi relatives or family members. I shall not remember this. It hurts me. It takes time to heal the wound. Muka je nampak ganas tapi hati ade taman. Hehe.. ADNAN SEMPIT punya tagline. Dah 2 minggu setengah kat rumah. Macam-macam berlaku. But everything that comes out semua FAMILY. Lebih baik aku habiskan masa aku dengan family before aku continue studies. But then .. I have many plan soon... with my close friends and classmates masa sekolah teknik dulu. Dah 2 tahun lebih tak jumpa. Nak pi kayak kat D R FOREST CAMP, chinchin,melaka. And my STLES geng masa f4 before I went for boarding school,we plan nak pi port dickson for one day. Ni pun dah lama tak hang out. Aku jelah. Dorang dah many time kot. Aku tahu bila aku pergi. so... nak make my time worth it. Hahaha. =)

hopefully jadi kenyataaaaannnn!!! amin

Saturday, 8 May 2010

lawak cikgu nik

Pada suatu hari yg tenang..seorg suami sedang relaxs sambil duduk membaca suratkhabar. ....tiba2 dtg si isteri membawa tudung periuk....PANG! !....diketuknya atas kepala si suami yg
terpinga2... ..bertanya. ....

"Aper hal ngan awak nih....kenapa awak ketuk kepala saya?? isteri pun menjawap.... "nah! awak tengok nih....sambil menunjukkan secebis kertas yg tertulis nama....'Mary' isteri tentula menyangka si suami mempunyai kekasih lain yg bernama Mary....dgn tenang si suami menjawab.... ooo....itu nama kuda yg saya bertaruh semalam..... namanya isteri pun agak puashati ngan penjelasan suaminya..terus menyambung kerja di dapur.....

Selang seminggu berlaku ketika si suami sedang rehat2 membaca suratkhabar seperti selalu.... PANG!!!....kali ini dengan lebih kuat lagi! suami pun bertanya.... aper hal plak awak ketuk kepala saya kali nih???...dengan isteri menjawap.... "kuda awak telefon!!".. ...