Thursday, 9 June 2011

day 4: ten things you want to say to one person

A- How in the world you can live without thinking of me?

B- Are you crazy enough to be part of my life?

C- Can you share yours besides my problem because I don’t have any?

D- When can we meet again after it takes a lot of effort to meet you?

E- Are you okay when you’re with me?

F- Is it fun to be friend with me?

G- How many times did I make you happy and sad in detail?

H- Am I too serious in friendship or too boring to be with?

I- What are your hopes in future?

J- Can we be like before before we separated on our own way?


Nur Sulastri said...

maybe i'm not answering none of your questions. I just feel happy to restate that, i love you. just the way you are my dear friend. Although we doesn't have much time to share now, and maybe in the future, but still, that fact wouldn't change. take care :)

arina ahmad said...

I love you too sue. not to forget your garfield busuk , hehe