Tuesday, 7 June 2011

day 3: ten things you hate

A- Firstly I Hate myself look stupid in front of my family and friends

B- I hate backstabbers and I also hate myself doing it

C- Being ridiculous when it comes to something serious

D- When I get stress and often I can’t control my anger

E- I hate it when I miss someone important in my life

F- Hate it when I watch movie, till the sad part comes, I cry.

G- People who like to nag and can’t understand what I want. (Boleh?)

H- Let myself change frequently like Dr Jackyl and Mr. Hyde and I can’t get through my inner-self

I- Let the heel over my head isn’t nice to hear, yes, I hate it neither.

J- When I know I have many enemy rather than friends. So, better off this way, lone ranger. =)

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