Sunday, 5 June 2011

day 2: ten things you love

A- playing my C-40 guitar and my voices isn’t nice to hear but I love it!

B- To read books especially reader’s digest and English fiction novel

C- To make everybody around me pissed off and laugh their ass off

D- Hang out with my family especially Irfan and also my close friends

E- Texting people when I feel bored and kind of need ‘em.

F- Day dreaming

G- Write emotional poetry and I like writing about my life (unbearable because I have a diary) in My Luncai.

H- I love love love myself that is beyond my ability and expectation

I- Loike my volleyball very much and on the way to loike basketball! (^-^)

J- I like to repeat or loop my favourite song until I’m bored

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