Tuesday, 28 December 2010

to I.A.M .... again

You make yourself look disgusting women!

To you who I know for two years, it such a shame that you acting like a running nose kind of children. Shame on you! I should put myself way up high so that I won't see you anymore. To you who I always adore, you make me vomit when I think of you. From now on, you are an annoying anon that likes to make fake stories. So that everybody will pity for you. I could care-less about you who always think that you are 24/7 right. Beyond my wild imagination, you are a piece of thrash.

This is my weakness. Always made easy way for people to ask for apology. I'm the one who accept you to be a part of my story. I shall regret by now. What should I do to this kind of person like you? Can I tell everybody in this world that you are A S**t​? god won't forgive me to this kind of blackmailing. Hehe...by the way, you can teach me how to hack people's facebook or YM!?

Shame on me because I had cried for you. Wasting my tears so that I'll looked more stupid in front of you! Wait a minute... is this kind of slander? I hope not because this women is way too much to be discovered. Am I bad? I think not because as far as I concern she is the one who ruin my life since I'm in form 5. yes,she did. And I'm the one who trapped in her fake lies that turn out to be I totally believed.

You with your biggest jealousy should fade away from my life and my best friend's life. You are more like a devil to both of us. Your mom shouldn't know who you are at the first place because she might get a heart attack to see you like this. Shame on you! How could you do this to us! Oh, maybe you wanna get more attention and you think it is not enough to be in the center of attention. I don't know what is your purposes. But we said, enough is enough.

So, our life continue as beautiful like we wish for without you. We remind ourself not to think about the past. It would bring heartache when we think about it. Go away! Go far away! We don't want to interfere. We don't want to see your face. Because your smile is fake. Please go away...

As time pass us by, you come into my life like nothing had happened. Aren't you ashamed of yourself because being so cheap? By making such a lies, you are going to repeat what you've done before. You should aware of what you are talking about. I'm not going to be foolish again. Your presence is remarkably annoying. I pretend to be as normal as I know that everybody had their own imperfection. Let me see... you are doing great with your sympathy to be sold cheaply. You are selling your own dignity, to a human called men. You have such a lowlife. I don't think you might be save by doing it.

We, the people who love you. Tried to change you, but you become from something to nothing. We are so shock with your changes. All of sudden, you become an anon to us. We don't know you anymore women! We don't know who are you! I dare to tell you, when you are mature enough don't try to ask us for apology because your sin is not for us to forgive but to god whom you've sin. My time are lesser than you think. I know that I might not live forever, I repent. I hope you do. Innamal aqmallu. Astaghfirullahal'azim.

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