Thursday, 2 December 2010

rejuvenate from tears

You only know when is your heart going to burst. When someone that is so precious telling you that “this should comes to an end” time. All the nerve suddenly become dumb. Knowing that there is no one will stay by your side, act like a fool or you pretend to be dead. Is there any other way to run away from believing what you should not believe? I think you will become tantrum after letting this word attacking your brain. Scream to heal buddy.!!! How melancholy the situation going to be after this. I'm just a single women who tried to explain 'wattahellisgoinon' in broken-hearted women. Yeah, sometimes short-form can make ones go mad. Sorry.

Back to basic. Is there any love exist in the air? For now, no it isn't. Unfortunately, there WAS a long time ago.... where your heart is full of flower, not a bouquet of flower. It can't be describe by word. Only the chosen one can see what we can't see. For some way, the broken-hearted can be approached or cannot be approached... YOU CAN MEND A BROKEN HEART. Make them do belly laugh like Shakira and Beyonce did. Whether she bleak or bliss, our agenda is to make them laugh. Laugh is the best medicine for sorrow. I suppose it is.

This time you think that life is not as beautiful as you have planned. By the time you and your bf are going to break up, those beautiful birds turn out to be an ugly monster who try to eat you up. At the end, only your skull will remain as antiques. Okay, what I said just now not to scare you. It is just a bluff. ^_^

Don't blame yourself or anybody. It is not a mistake, there is no mistake at all. Plus, there is a saying, 'Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift'. That is why we called the present. Just go, live your life as if you know you'll be dead tomorrow. Deal with it. Stand up to face the real world. I always bare in mind “The real warrior never quits, I never quits”.

Why a single women can enjoy her life as she wants? People will give perception that she is lonely. NO, I'm not lonely and I'm happy to tell one. She can be with any friends that she like. Anytime anywhere without thinking that she's taken. Listen. there is no charge on awesomeness and attractiveness . Perhaps you just being YOU. A diode which has a forward-bias and can't except any electrical flow in reverse direction except in one way only, forward. Only YOU can change what you've been up to. Whether up,down, or side. Give yourself the opportunity to feel easy about new life.

People often said that you are what you eat. But when this happen,everything are not going to diet. Your empty heart have to eat. You eat when you are upset . After excessive eating, ensure that you do exercise. If too lazy, go for a walk. Walk until you're tired. Meet new people while you're walking. Yes. You have to. To forget whatsoever haywire your mind. Clean and clear it. Come on! There is a lot of thing you have to experience. Not only love. I woo you not to fall with someone else within 3 weeks. This 3 weeks are the days which you have to try everything that your wild mind never thought of it. Stop the talk. Start to act. Nothing is impossible mark my word.

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