Monday, 20 July 2009

whom did u wanna date with?

At a glance

If u can real life...if u'r dating a guy (common sense,im a girl instead) the first thing we,as a girl would think are...

  1. is he a Mr Wrong

  2. is he married

  3. he's got a gf..tonnes of gf?

  4. he's a workaholic etc

  5. he's a deadbeat

  6. he's a player

  7. he's a mama's boy

  8. lastly, soleh kew?? Mr Right la

Everything spinning around our head... thinking about the possibilities they will turned out to be those numbers. There're certain types of boy whom u attract and there're certain type of boy who are attracted to u. we see. We can't run from it, but prevent is better than cure.

Btw..there are some Ms Typed for the stalkers'2 to read and to ponder.

Okie dokie firstly is Ms Second Place. Ms second Place allows herself to be put in second place in her boy's life. She may be second to his wife, his career, or the worst his friends. This miss is really stup** to hang with this boy. Seriously weyh... she isn't a priority at all, she knows it, and the 'not interesting' is she lives with it. I really dont know what kind of girl she was into. Merana... lebihh baik berchenta ngan Allah. Better than hurting yourself inside out. I mean it. She has forgotten what a special person she really is, so she think she has to settle for second, when she deserves first place

then, Ms Sex Machine. She's settles for physical and sexual intimacy when what she really wants in a relationship and emotional intimacy. Moreover, she uses sex as a weapon to manipulate boy and get what she wants (except a relationship). She thinks that she can buy a boy's love and and attention, when all she needs to do is allow her great and her appearance to shine, and boy will want to know more and deeper than usual. Seperti selalu... kalau kita lihat, prostitutes are the best thinking. Please give me other brain-storming after read this post. Or better if I said, kalau rase macam ayat kat atas ni tak bertepatan dengan pemikiran antuna, boleh la bagi sikit idea.

Ms Soul Mate, She believes that life doesn't exist outside of dating, so she wants every man she dates to be (the one). She doesn't know how to enjoy dating a boy while it last and admit when the relationship has no future. One day she will find (the one). She just needs to take her time and wait for a boy who is deserving of her love and commitment.


wattoiyibat littoiyibin wattoiyibun littoiyibat

maksudnya: perempuan2 yg keji untuk lelaki2 yg keji, dan lelaki2 yg keji untuk perempuan2 yg keji (pula), sedangkan perempuan2 yg baik untuk lelaki2 yg baik (sebaliknya). Surah an-Nur:26

Ms Drama Queen, This Ms Drama Queen loves a challenge and like dating bad boys, unavailable men, and players. She thinks that love is supposed to be a challenged and is constantly pursuingdead-end relationship. That result in her being rejected. Hmm..maybe her life is so pathetic, I should have sympathy towards her because her life is her drama. She believe that she has to do something over the top to win a boy's heart, when....ALL SHE NEEDS TO DO IS BE HERSELF lolz!

Ms Bag Lady, carrries around a load of emotional baggage and let her emotions adversely affect her new relationship. Consequently, her boy would possibly think that this kind of Ms Typed having a mental problem. She lets her unresolved problems from the past ruin her present and future. In the mean time, she's been treated poorly, she doesn't realize how wonderful and deserving of love she truly is.

Ms Mom. she dates men who lives are under construction and she makes it her responsibility to solve their problems. When the things get worse, the boy getting too much baby scene, the boy will asked this Ms Mom to do everything cuz he knows that Ms Mom will do it. She doesn't know how to stop mothering her boy and let him stand on his own two feet. Instead, she needs to apply nurturing approach to her own life. Wake up la...he already has a mak, come on! All Mr right needs is a friend and partner.

Ms Anaconda

This women is the worst women ever. She kills her relationship by wrapping herself around a boy until she suffocates him. She smothers a relationship by being too needy too demanding, and too overbearing. She thinks she has to hold on to a boy like her life depends on it bcoz she doesn't know and realize that she is strong and smart enough to stand on her own. Magically, this Ms typed is manje enuf to think. Mengade2 ade lah esset utama. Lelaki yg cari masalah ade lah untuk wanita ini. Find that kind of trouble, u know how to solve it though.

This is the writing that I've been kiv it for a long time besides a story entitled 'the mayor' a type of story. I need the readers to give comments which person they were for the post above.

Thx ~perpetuity love from kusowt.


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