Friday, 1 May 2009

must read...WHOSE TO BLAME!!!?

Dear Diary:

Who do we blame

When something goes wrong

When we hold so much pain

Do we write it out

Do we yell it out

What do we do

Point a finger at her...

No maybe him

Does anyone know who did it...

Do we even remember what they did?

Did someone die

Is someone to cry

Maybe sones on the fly

Escaping with a lie

How do we know

Who can we blame

For this horrible pain

I look in a mirror

Now i know the shame...

I now know whos to blame...

1 comment:

zati yaya said...

arina syg, ko reka ae??
bes owh...
ape yg inspired ko 2lis sjak ney?
ape yg jdik??