Thursday, 14 May 2009

celaka kamu israel!!

Gaza Strip, May 14, (Pal Telegraph) - A new Palestinian child died in a very dramatic scene documented on the T.V. A baby child aged 2 suffered a svere siege that doubled by siege until he died today.

Aljazeera's reporter, Tamer Al meshal, reveals one of the miseries resulting in the Israeli siege on Gaza strip. Feras As'ad Al Mazlom, an infant aged 2, a sole child for newly married couples As'ad and Amal.

Infant Feras who was born with a heart defect, he had to spend more time in a hospital bed rather than his loving parents' arms. He never played nor enjoyed his innocent life like others.

Llike many others, Feras pays his precious life for the siege. The hospital and equipment were not able to rescue him nor could his parents move him to Egypt for treatment. However, the hospital managed to coordinate and transfer him to an Israeli hospital.

With such hope, the father suffered so much trying to get permits for both his wife and son to cross borders, which he did at the end. The father moved like crazy to make the needed documents for Feras so he travels for treatment.

Unfortunately, as they were on the way to pick their child and head to Eriz to Israel for treatment, they received an excruciating phone call saying that their own son was no longer alive and there's no need to take him anywhere.

It was minutes or rather seconds between the life and death for Feras. This baby, didn't fight Israelis, never shot at them, nor fired a rocket rather, his only fault was, "a child born in Gaza"

Thousands of Palestinian like Feras still on the waiting list of death. Israel is hindering there from getting their basic right of treatment. Those patients' rights are highly recognized and guaranteed by the 4th Geneva convention and al humanitarian law. However, Israel still don't confess all these charters regarding humanity.

See the death of Feras here:

Special report:
Nancy AL Buhisi
Sameh A. habeeb

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