Friday, 3 September 2010

don't ever let claustrophobia in

i think you are extremely beautiful, and strong to have to put up with the amount of shit you receive from the stupid anons. don't ever let them try and bring you down, they're trying to make you stoop to their level, and most are extremely jealous of you. your eyes are absolutely gorgeous, you have hair people would kill to have, and the way you carry yourself is something to be admired. if anyone ever insults you, you put up the 'I STILL DON'T GIVE A F' and i admire that you don't let these people bug you or bring down your confidence. if anything they are sitting on their fat asses creeping you wishing with all their heart that they could look even half as pretty as you are.

you seem like an amazing person and i admire your strength and beauty.

just thought i would let you know!

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enyheartsdiamond said...

hey dear! tq for da advice.. n i love this quote btw <3

is it for me? ;p