Friday, 3 September 2010


To whom it may concern,

your wish had granted . Now , you can escape from the people that you wanted to stay away . I think you've satisfied with this kind of living . You are now thousand miles away from me . You can't turn back . I wear this mask for 4 years from now , to hide all the sadness . So that you'll know that I am fine and great to stand on my own . So masochistic . I found my strength to carry on . I'm surrounded by the people who loved to be with me and accept who I am . Unlike you , I think . You deserve better than this , you are one in a million that people want to be with . Everything that comes out from you , pulls me through . When you walked away , such pain as this shouldn't have to be experienced by me . But , the way the pain slipped into my body , its linger around me , makes me think how many times I felt this . Now , my door won't fit you through . What could I give you now . I'm still the same tale . We are burning each other though we are dying for more . Just put your dagger now . I'm already dead . I'm a dead corpse who live her imperfect . I think the consequences of this , both of us , the people , the loved ones aren't satisfied with this distance . I'll be missing you , will you miss me too ? . my stomach feel sick , bitter and open reveries of helplessness .

I'm not pretending that we are okay. Because you keep all the secret that have been kept years ago . Now , tell me what I did wrong ? I just cant play with all the feeling that I felt for you . It will gives me a hard time . I'm choking because I'm hardly swallowed the word . I cried , I swept away every tears that I've cried and I swear this was your choice . Please save me from falling with the sound of your voice . I'll will miss your every moment . I'll miss your perfect beautiful selfishness . I'm a hopeless romantic . I'm in love with you and you just don't get it ? So, I sit here... finding a way to solve my mild depression . I can sort it out myself . I can trigger myself . After all... I'm a “great” in pretending . Surrounded but still lonely . I swear . This can't change everything until the end of time . I'm desperate for change . This won't help me neither . My life becomes tantrum . Because I'm (sad)glad you went away . I never told you …that

  1. I love to sing a song for you with my old hug-able guitar,

  2. I love to hang around with you and play for one whole day

  3. I love when you scream shout swearing at me

  4. I run to you when I'm down

  5. I let you know everything that happen everyday

  6. I love to talk to you

  7. I love the way we laugh

  8. I hate the way you cry

  9. I wanna share everything to you

  10. I love it when you smack me out from the bed

  11. I love when __________________ .

  12. I love when we have a chit chat outside of the room

  13. I hate that I miss you million times

  14. I love to sing along with you

  15. I love it when you spoon feed me

  16. I love to watch you sleep.

  17. I like the way you look at me

  18. I like it when we talk and suddenly you laugh

  19. I like to piggy back you

  20. I like everything about you

I'm not desperate to make you come back to me , I'm just wanna tell you , this what I've been through . Because I'm so numb in everything . Perhaps , this is the last time we met . Because we will never meet again . If God love us , He will make us see each other . This is the end of happiness . Temporary happiness that might let me down , because I give such a high hope for a hopeless thing . I'm just glad that I'm dead , everywhere I go . The figure of you won't chase me anymore . I will haunt you . I'll be there wherever you go . I will protect you , so will be safe under my spirit . The sadness will easily fade away when you started to cry , I've already wipe your tears with my bear hand . I will wipe it softly . I will make you happy . I will make you gay . Don't be sad , because I hate to see all this from you . It made me hurt .

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