Saturday, 12 December 2009

her life's so great!

Yeah... im grateful cause i've been loved by the people around me. I should give myself a deep breath, so that I can get both of my feet working. Plus, FYI... im too slow by thinking of myself, in fact... dalam seramai2 orang dalam dunia ni, kenapa mesti dia?

Baru je lepas beberapa jam kmns buat battle of the band (BOTB)... It was the worst. Like I felt so sick and I wanna vomit. What happened to me ? Am I ill and getting sick again? Really weyh, mintak jauh. Allahumma 'afini fi badani. Tak sedap badan all the way around kmns.

Nampak si mata lawa masa BOTB, my heart trembling. Gahaa... qeena said, aku paham perasaan kau. Apa aja qeena, I just let my feeling gone with the bukit putus hi-way. And after that muncul lagi jejaka nih, hot stuff aku. Kah2! Really2 make my heart melted. And wawani just be friend with hot stuff. Qeena u just miss the moment la. BTW, IDK apa yang dia mumbling about, but I just kept nodding.

And momor like depan stage di bahagian tepi, lost contact with roomates and moshing2 with all my friends. It was quite fun at the moment. Sampai aja lagu I DONT LOVE U by the bla bla band, qeena berubah mood. WTF? Seriously I give a damn bout it. For the second time please let me know, what burden u have been thru my good friend. And im sorry, aku ambik masa nak sesuaikan diri. And some times, when orang nak cer pasal private life, maybe they need some place that suits them.

Oh ermilda, jimmy jot tak pulang2 ke semenanjung... adakah jejaka itu dah jadi orang iban pakai cawat pegang tongkat, who knows. Gahah...
farna and ester, when I heard anything bout u, IDK... jadi emo and tak boleh think wisely. Both of u are importante person in my life too. So, dont get mad at me when my act is way too far.

Dear UPS,
too good to be true when thinking bout the pspm I . I tried to catch up with my studies. Consequently, my good friend also doing the same thing. Less talk less laugh less being crazy doesnt mean that everything changed. Aku tengah kejar UTP kau kejar apa kawan baik? Harap sama2 bjaya. Cuma aku less effort dari kau and aku rasa sangat tercabar. Momor, thanks cuz tried to approach me when I feel soooooooo gloomy. Time that create the gap. It just make my heart in vein. And there are a small deep scratch IN the heart.

p/s: wawaniey, aku tak tahu nak beli apa untuk birthday present kau. Really! So do tell me what u want the most.

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