Wednesday, 4 November 2009

bila diri rasa nak lari dari rumah.

hey..back. dengan rumah takda lampu. there's no light at all. feel empty inside this broken heart. there is no space in here. no. i cant find anything interesting. truthfully, im in despair. huh... its too crowded in my home. ok, there is no one actually. that is why, i said empty.

there is no home sweet home. the house that i called HOME isnt sweet anymore. i hate home. and i dont wanna live in it. i will cut myself out. grrr....

i hate myself like i love myself. yes, i did. and i almost forgot what's the meaning of family. i got one already. maybe i need more LOVE. tinggal lagi 2hari je nak bebas tak berduit. yes2!!

maybe i'll tell u bout yesterday stories. lot of attention i got from friends. shall i called it friends are EVERYTHING, maybe certain ppl wouldnt think in my own way. they have their's.

i went to sunway... yes it is. my close pal. my new pal. my happiness came. i felt so happy yesterday. boleh tak macam ni selalu... macam tak redha dengan ketentuan. but it's a fact. only god knows why.


i've been there for (sunway pyramid) for the third time. not only for shopping but ice skating. there is NO ICE RINK IN MALAYSIA BESIDES SUNWAY. erm.. btw, u should go there and break some legs. rawk gila. feel so breezy that day.

i found myself when i am happy.

to my friends,
we have been together.
a lot of circumstance that we've been through as a friend.
friendship is the most valuable price that u will never buy.
search it... someday u'll need it.
i thought there is no FRIENDS in my life.
thank u God cause giving me this soft fragile heart.
i'll accept them.
i dont know where is my fault,
because they such a nice ppl.
let this memory long lasting
till my last breath...

Dear friends,
Dear God,
Dear feelings,
please dont run away from me.
cause i need u when i feel cold and shiver.
i really feel lonely this time.
i scream there is no voice.

im sorry pal if i make a mistakes.
like, she said...human merely a human.
as simple as that.