Friday, 2 September 2011

Wahai kaum adam yg pening lalat...

Well... today is Friday right?
why not spend your time reciting surah al - kahfi instead watching korean drama what so ever programme.

why are you abandoning Juma'at prayer without a single reason.
there are a lot of reason for Hawa not to join all of you to perform solah
the clear reason is it will cause persecution among you Adams...
that's why we are preferably perform our solah inside the house.

The Prophet said: "People should stop missing friday prayers otherwise Allah will put a seal onto their hearts and thus they will be among the heedless"

regarding to what you've missed the friday prayers, you have to pray the zuhur prayer with the intention of zuhur whether you missed it without prior reason or not.
However Adam, you're sinful for missing it without a solid reason.
Nonetheless your zuhur prayer is acceptable if  you perform after the imam perform the juma'at prayer.
but if you did before imam perform it,you have to pray the zuhur again as Ibn Qudaamah said.

Dear Adam,
If you seek Allah's forgiveness, He will accept your du'a to repent.
Your disobedient and the way you neglect Allah's obligation to you are way to much,
you should remember the bounties of Allah which He bestowed on you.
He created you as a musleem and give you the ability to attend the Friday prayers.
Allah knows what's best for us..
Wallahu musta'aan...

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