Saturday, 29 May 2010

say No to stress

Angah's wedding.

20th of june. Approximately a month from now onwards. I think my life will be busy as you can see the wedding planner in the tv box. The house is still on renovation. Still cant get my private life to be more 'wow'. no. I feel so mothereffing bored. Now... I have to stay home because the guy from electrical company, idk what the fuck it is... but is should get the electric flow by now. Dont know what to do. I have no license, and my papa bubu adviced me to be patient. For how long??? I cant wait with all this. I can live without money, friends, family and enjoyment.

My baju kurung, 3 set all of 'em. Idk what to wear because too many choice. But still the baju kurung are not completely finish. Hehe. =)

I should make my tumblr in private. Or should I open a private diary on the internet. I am so lazy dumbass to write what's happening in my life. It is not because I dont wanna tell or what but... I just dont know.

There is a quote I can share with myself... 'memang tak dapat lah kalau malas' on other words.. you will not get anything if you are lazy. Im writing is getting lame old and boring.

Btw... my house is soooooooooooo mothereffing hot. With the natural breeze that come inside the house should relief the hot-a-meter of my body. Soon fucker. Byebye phat ass.

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