Friday, 1 February 2013

It was never the biggest mistakes but ...

sad sabah. 2nd day

like i said to u Q, it was the biggest impact if somebody just left from my life. aku tak pernah nak mempertikaikan segala-gala yg Tuhan dah beri pada aku. i was shocked,alone,not prepare, (but i have to)

the first day in sabah was great. i met u. Qeena kedek2. Allah dah kabulkan doa aku untuk jumpa kau. kau sama macam dulu. =)

this holiday in sabah should be like, "best giler!". it ended up, sad, hurt,down graded (not actually this time of down graded)... yada yada yada.

how malukan island turn up to be so MEMALUKAN heart breaking?

MACAM MANA AKU BOLEH JADI MANUSIA YG SELFISH... aku terima apa kau cakap kat aku. 

arina, kene move on! semua orang ada life masing2. if aku ada masalah, can i call u? (see what i mean?)

aku tak boleh hold back I** like that forever. yeap. if she "throw me away", i just turn away.
thx qeena

she always with me, all the time.
now, there was empty spaces.
i cant fit anybody inside the void anymore.
it was really a short happy sad memory when i think of it.
she will always be the sweetest dream that i ever lived.
somebody come and go.
this "oyang" will never be replaced by anybody.
it still hurts,but what can i do.
i cant hold her back,she's got her own life
who am i,to stop her?
since day one, up until today...
i really share everything with this "oyang".
i always think that some day, this "oyang" will leave me.
i just know,
dont ask me.
this heart is broken into pieces.
who really cares,
ok i got u , u and Q.
to this "oyang"
thanks Allah for letting me know this kind-hearted person.
i owe u a lot "oyang".
thanks "oyang"

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